"We Come In Pieces!"

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Meet Sparky

Meet Sparky. He is the world champion of the Video Game “The Flight of my Life”. He is the obvious choice to pilot his world’s first ever Space Ship! Asteroid Fields weren’t featured in “The Flight of my Life”, so you can imagine his surprise when he came across one! Anyway, what happened, happened. Now he needs your help to get back home!

Retro (not 8-bit-retro)

Featuring hand-drawn artwork from our talented art director Tracy Thurmond, the style of this game is retro (not 8-bit-retro). The gameplay is also reminiscent of the timeless “water games” of old.

Custom Soundtrack

The wonderful Czarina from Czarina Music has come on board to create a unique custom soundtrack which helps tell the story and set the scenes. This will also be available to purchase separately as an EP.

Multi Media Bar